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International vision

We are industry

We can develop and manufacture new products with EU standards, high quality, and competitive prices

Intelligent integration​

We understand the needs of our clients and can integrate into complex engineering projects

Partnerships and consortia

We believe in industrial cooperation between highly specialized operators, with similar size and business model

Valued solutions

Technology and excellence to achieve solutions that cover needs in different sectors, with higher value perception

Open innovation for changing cities:​

We prioritize the development of solutions designed in a harmonized but also diverse Europe

Organization based on People and talent

Organization based on people and talent, and in wellness-oriented solutions in public spaces: we seek innovative developments that contribute the make a safer and more friendly city environment: smooth cities for smart citizens The person is the center

Sustainability through circular philosophy​

Developing products with longer life cycle, higher level of recycling, shorter logistic chains and with operators close to the service point

International contact

Jorge Saludes

International development


+34 652 937 929


+34 961 234 911 #4055